Shish Kebab
Marinated Cubes of Lamb grilled on skewer.


Cop Shish
Marinated small Cubes of Lamb grilled on skewer.


Adana Kofte
Seasoned Minced Lamb flavoured with Red Bell Peppers, Parsley & Onions & grilled on flat skewer.


Lamb Beyti
Minced Lamb seasoned with Garlic & Parsley.


Lamb Chops
Tendered Lamb Chops seasoned & cooked on Charcoal grill.


Grilled Lamb's Spare Ribs.


Aubergine Kebab
Sliced Aubergines & Minced Lamb with Halep Sauce.


Liver Shish
Grilled Lamb's Liver.


Grilled Adana Kebab prepared with Halep Sauce.


Meat Mousaka
Traditional Lamb Mousaka.